The Brazilian cadeira erotica as sex sling.

There are some people out there selling sex slings and tantra furniture.  Indeed, regular furniture does not lend itself to hours of sexual activity nor is it conducive to being “present” sexually.  This is one of the reasons people use slings and such for sex.

sex sling

Slings are fantastic but not very convenient to install.  I think Iron Maiden had a song about “hooks in the ceiling.”  Plus, they look gay if you are a straight man, and kinda’ creepy in a “I still play Dungeons & Dragons” sorta’ way.

But a Brazilian love chair is exotic as well as easy to install.  It just sits there with no need for anchor points.  A curious piece of furniture that makes you look sexually sophisticated.  After all, everyone knows that Brazil is the height of permissive sexual culture.  You obviously picked it up on one of your many trips, you renaissance-man you!  “Why, they are everywhere in Brazil!” you can exclaim to the shocked lady who pays your home a visit, and turn her disdain into shame for her cultural ignorance.  Every woman wants to appear well-traveled, if not actually so.  “Do you want to try it out?” will always be your next question and her answer will always be: “Yes.”

The wonders of the Brazilian sex chair.

If anybody watches porn shot in Brazil – and who doesn’t, one will often see a scene upon which the actors involved utilize an authentic cadeira erotica to perform their sex acts.

These sex chairs are commonplace in every “love motel” and such down in Brazil.  Some are made better then others, but the basic design is the same and they are made from tubular steel.  Clearly the steel tubes should be of a manly diameter and sufficient wall thickness to support two decently heavy bodies slamming into each other.

Given that one will be perched in often precarious positions, it is imperative that the structure is well balanced as well, as one “monkeys about” on the bars of lust.  End caps should not come off easily, because that could expose the edges of the tube.  Such edges are normally not dangerous, but in a fit of passion one doesn’t want anything near an “edge.”

The sex chair should be heavy enough that it doesn’t need to be secured to the floor with bolts, with non-slip rubber feet as grips. This way the chair can be easily moved into a new location at a moment’s notice.

Also, the cadeira erotica should be built to last, meaning that the padding and covering should be able to take years of use without deforming in the slightest.

Finally, it should be easy to assemble with no play or wobble between any connecting pieces.  One should never have to worry about the thing shaking loose due to usage, with the players crashing to the ground in a tangle or arms, legs, and metal.