My favorite Brazilian porn star!

When it comes to Brazilian porn stars, my favorite is Emanuelle Diniz.

Apparently she works as an “esc*rt” down in Brazil as well as working as a porn star.  So I suppose if I am ever down in Brazil I can shag her.  Then again, if you say you shooting a porn film and have a camera and a set and a small crew you can hire any porn star from any agency and have sex with her.  lol!

Another opportunity to use a sex chair lost… lol

So I was planning on going to Arizona in November to take a course called Chuluaqui Quodoushka 1 but I just heard back from the facilitators that the course has been cancelled.  This is the 3rd time something has gotten in the way of my taking the course!

Now, this course is being held on other dates but I want to take the course in Phoenix because I love the desert.  I don’t want to take the class in Chicago.  I did take my very first course with Shantam Nityama in Chicago, but I wouldn’t want to take Chuluaqui Quodoushka 1 there.  At least I don’t think so. lol

It has been almost 2 years since I have been practicing Shamanic Dearmoring which is the foundation of all the courses and materials put out by the Deer Tribe Metis Society which is Harley Reagan’s movement.  It’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever done, so I was excited to take Q1.  I already use the fire breath technique to have a flavor of tantric sex that is a cross between Quodoushka and what Nityama teaches.

Oh well, perhaps Nityama will have another retreat somewhere that I can attend instead!  Then I could use my new skills on many of the gorgeous women that show up to his events!  Maybe I will even donate a sex chair for use at the event.

Dapoxetine and sex chairs you can practice tantra on.

The other day I popped a pill of dapoxetine which is a fast-acting, short term SSRI used for increasing staying power. This thing was brought to market because men who took SSRIs for depression would find that they couldn’t ejaculate.

Dapoxetine isn’t going to prevent you from cumming, but statistics state it can help you last up to 3x as long.  In reality, what it does is it enables you to last as long as you like assuming that make some effort to do so.  One of my compatriots put it this way: “With a little bit of effort it turns you into a yogi.”

That’s about right.  If you clench your pelvic floor muscles (PC) when appropriate you can kill any urge to ejaculate with dapoxetine when it arises and basically last forever.  It’s pretty fucking cool.  I had sex for about 5 hours with a few little breaks here and there for water and rehydration the other night.  Marathon sex sessions really require a cadeira erotica which becomes the perfect chair for practicing tantra by default!

I think that as dapoxetine becomes more popular in this country, more-and-more people will be looking towards sex furniture that is comfortable and facilitates hours of sex.  You will probably see different sorts of lubricants hitting the market as well that soothe and prevent soreness.